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Outdoor swimming pool with steps

Swimming Pool Heat Pump: Luxury or Necessity

Is there a Low Energy, More Eco-friendly Way to Heat Your Swimming Pool? We spoke with James Phillpot, MD Hydrocare Swimming Pools to find out more about swimming pool heat pumps. Hydrocare Leisure has been designing and building pools for many years, always using the latest technology and innovations. The cost of heating your pool

Hot tub set into wooden decking

Where To Put A Hot Tub Or Spa

Who doesn’t love a spa day? You enter full of stress and tension, enjoy a few hours of rest, relaxation and pampering and leave revitalised and without a worry in the world. Having a hot tub (or lay z spa) installed at your house means you can enjoy that feeling, every day, from the comfort

Kidney shaped swimming pool with slide and outdoor seating

Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool More Luxurious

If you’re looking for ways to turn your swimming pool into a luxurious oasis, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many possibilities when it comes to completely transforming your pool, from underwater speakers and lighting to water features and landscaped backdrops. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the

Octagon shaped swimming pool surrounded by plants in pots with steps down into it

Is An Eco Friendly Swimming Pool Possible?

If asked to describe the environmental impact of swimming pools your first response is unlikely to be related to their ‘eco-friendliness’. In fact, most swimming pools are anything but ‘green’. They often use considerable amounts of energy to keep the water heated, and chemicals such as chlorine which are used to keep them clean can

Hot tub surrounded by flowers in planters

How To Enjoy Your Hot Tub Safely

The daffodils and tulips have been in bloom for a while and the supermarkets are full of Easter eggs. Sure signs that Spring is on the way! We’re receiving lots of calls from customers to service their hot tub as the weather warms up. We’ve also had quite a few questions about hot tub safety,

Man swimming in a lake with a green swimming hat and goggles

The Benefits Of Outdoor Swimming

Outdoor swimming in the UK has never been so popular. Is this something best left to the ducks, or are there benefits for people too? Let’s perhaps start with the obvious. If you’re going to swim outside in the UK you’ll almost always be swimming in cold water. That is unless you have a heated