Winter Pool Closing Package

Over the winter, it’s extremely important to take care of your pool to ensure it’s in perfect condition when it comes to reopening it during the summer swimming season. Not only will winter pool maintenance save time with the reopening of your pool, but it will also save you money too.

We’re proud to offer a cost-effective and efficient winter swimming pool servicing package that ensures everything is clean, in good working order and sanitised over the winter months.

Our work covers a range of swimming pool types and swimming pool equipment including:

  • Above ground pool
  • Inground pool
  • Hot tubs and spas

Discover our winter swimming pool care package below and give us a call on 01444 236578 if you’d like to book us in.

Winter pool servicing package

Our winter swimming pool servicing package checks over the entire pool and includes:

  • Full review of swimming pool equipment, pool pump, pool heater and filtration system to ensure everything is working correctly
  • General pool maintenance
  • Netting and brushing the pool thoroughly
  • Using chemicals to balance the water
  • Reducing water levels to avoid flooding
  • Checking the winter pool cover condition

We recommend monthly services throughout the winter up until you’re ready to recommission your pool in the spring.

Frozen swimming pool with snow surrounding it

The benefits of winterising a swimming pool

Not caring for your swimming pool over the winter is a false economy. If you close the pool yourself or leave it throughout the winter to try and save money, you will end up paying more to reopen it in the spring. 

See some of the main reasons why it’s essential to winterise your pool.

Prevent freezing

During the winter months, temperatures drop and we can experience freezing temperatures that can cause serious damage to your swimming pool, accessories, pipes and other pool equipment. Winterising your pool properly for the cold season will ensure a frozen pool won’t cause expensive damage that will need repairs.

Keep your pool clean

Having the pool fully cleaned and dosed with the right chemicals and winter algaecide will ensure bacteria and algae doesn’t grow in the pool over the winter, causing stagnant water. This can be time consuming for pool owners to get rid of when spring arrives, so it’s best to ensure your pool winterising chemicals are correct when closing for the winter.

Swimming pool safety covers ensure no debris, such as leaves and branches, gets in your pool and cause algae and any other bacteria to grow, keeping it clean over the winter.

Save time and money

Green winter debris swimming pool cover with leaves on it

Any algae growth on pool surfaces (leading to a green pool), freezing water, or damaged equipment can lead to expensive repairs. Following the correct pool care tips for the winter season and using a professional company, such as Hydrocare, to close your pool for the winter will ensure you don’t incur unexpected costs and delays in using your pool again in the summer.

Simplify spring opening

Opening your pool after winter is much quicker and easier if you have properly maintained it over the winter. When spring arrives, you’ll just need to have a professional company uncover, fill, and balance chemicals rather than deal with repairs, algae removal, and other issues from winter neglect.

Winterising your swimming pool, also known as decommissioning, should always be done by a professional. 

Outdoor swimming pool with patio
swimming pool

Book to close your pool for winter

If you’d like to book in for our winter pool servicing package then give us a call on 01444 236578, alternatively, fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.