Independent Swimming Pool Survey

Are you purchasing a home with a swimming pool? Or do you already have a swimming pool and are looking at how to make it more efficient? Our team of experts provides two levels of professional and independent swimming pool inspections to give home buyers and current pool owners complete peace of mind.

Undertaken by our ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) qualified team, we can provide:

  • Home buyers survey – A comprehensive inspection which is required by most lenders when financing a home with a pool. 
  • Pool condition report – For current pool owners, it provides a general overview of the pool, equipment, and efficiency. 

Working across Sussex, Surrey and Kent, we can offer professional and expert swimming pool surveys for your home. Speak to our team today to book one of our swimming pool engineers to inspect your pool.

Our swimming pool surveys

Swimming pool home buyers survey

Typically home surveyors will not usually report on the leisure facilities. This is left to a specialist swimming pool engineer like those at Hydrocare Leisure Ltd.

We offer a comprehensive pool survey service that includes safety checks and recommended works prepared by our qualified senior engineer. We also offer an Efficiency Certification service, where we will provide a certificate that rates the pool and equipment in terms of energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

The report may provide you with peace of mind. It may also prove invaluable if you need to renegotiate the purchase price of your dream home and pool.

Pool survey example
Example pool survey

Swimming pool condition reports

Your pool may look perfect at first glance. A swimming pool surveyor knows where to look for signs of wear or items that may require urgent attention.

If you are selling your home, any prospective buyer will be reassured if you have taken the time to have your pool inspected by one of our expert engineers. This can be presented to them as part of the house sale details. It adds a level of detail and reassurance that may otherwise become a deal-breaker for some customers.

The Hydrocare Maintenance and Condition Report is less detailed than a full Pool Survey Report. However, it still involves a review of numerous aspects of your pool and equipment, and we provide a rating for each component we review.

The benefits of our swimming pool surveys

  • Assess the structural integrity of the swimming pool
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Detect any leaks
  • Identify efficiency improvements
  • Identify safety enhancements: 
  • Ensure the value of a property with a swimming pool
  • Enjoy peace of mind

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