Our Environmental Policy For Swimming Pools

We recognise that we have a responsibility to the environment that goes beyond our legal duties. We also have choices about how we work, the materials we use and how we source them. Each one of these choices can have a positive impact on the environment if we are careful and consistent in the choices and decisions we make.

At Hydrocare Leisure Limited, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to finding ways to continually improve our environmental performance. This is not an afterthought or ‘add-on’, but a fundamental part of our strategy and business processes. It starts with training and educating our team at Hydrocare. We look to work with suppliers who have an ethos similar to our own and we help our customers to operate their pool or jacuzzi in an eco-friendly way.

As Directors, we are responsible for implementing our environmental policy. All of our employees are aware of our environmental ethos and they each have a personal responsibility for ensuring our key business commitments set out below are met.

James and Julie Phillpot
Directors Hydrocare Leisure Limited

Eco friendly pools and natural swimming pools

At Hydrocare we have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to creating unique pools that suit the needs and requirements of our clients. We can help you to bring your environmentally friendly swimming pool to life, creating an energy efficient and low impact swimming pool for you to enjoy.

Working with both domestic and commercial clients, we can not only reduce your carbon footprint with our eco-friendly solutions, but can reduce the running costs of your new pool too.

Here are some of the ways we can provide eco-friendly solutions for our clients:

  • We stock a range of energy efficient pool covers as covering a pool is one of the best ways to reduce their environmental impact and save money
  • Where possible we repair covers and other elements of your swimming pool instead of replacing them to reduce wastage
  • We can install a timer on pool pumps to reduce energy consumption
    Solar panels can be used to power some types of automatic covers
  • Pool maintenance contracts ensure the pool is kept operating in the most efficient way and helps avoid blocked or contaminated filters
  • We use the correct backwashing routines to help retain water
  • We advise that heat pumps are the most energy efficient way to heat a swimming pool where suitable
  • We recommend where possible UV and Salt Chlorinators to reduce the use of chemicals

Our environmental mission

We have key commitments that we follow in order to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment. Here are just some of our key environmental policies when it comes to creating and maintaining swimming pools in Sussex, Surrey and Kent:

  • We are consistently working towards reducing our general waste and single use plastics in our office
  • We will only use licensed waste management organisations to dispose of waste and chemicals
  • We provide annual training workshops for all our staff to continually improve our environmental performance

We also continually measure and reduce our UK and international carbon footprint by:

  • Installing new energy efficient heating and cooling systems in our business premises
  • Improving our fleet fuel efficiency via a programme of replacing our older vans on a rolling basis with new more efficient vehicles
  • Implementing vehicle tracking technology and efficient diary management to eliminate unnecessary journeys
  • Increasing use of video conferencing technology to reduce the need for travel to face to face meetings
  • Changing all of our key internal business processes from ‘paper-based’ to digital using the latest technology and straight through processing to become ‘paper-free’ during 2021

Our work with suppliers

We consciously work with responsible suppliers and research our suppliers’ products and policies to ensure we’re only using companies that share our ethos for eco-friendly swimming pool solutions.

Some of the ways we work with our suppliers includes:

  • Improving our understanding of where and how their products are produced and buying local wherever possible
  • Ensuring the majority of our stock and equipment is made and sourced in the UK
  • Recycling or reusing packaging provided by our suppliers
  • Reducing the number of orders placed per week to help reduce our carbon footprint.
pool tiles

Find out more about our eco-friendly pools

If you’re interested in creating a brand new eco-friendly pool, or want to make your existing swimming pool more energy efficient and sustainable, then give us a call on 01444 236578. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you and offer a free quotation for any works needed.