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How to Choose the Right Pool Cover

Grey swimming pool cover on an outdoor swimming pool with a brick outbuilding

Swimming pools are great for fun, health and cooling down on those extra-hot days. But maintaining them can be a lot of work. From keeping the filters clean to ensuring that your water isn’t harmful to your skin, pool maintenance can be difficult and time consuming.

Fortunately, there’s one thing you can do to simplify your pool maintenance – buying a swimming pool cover. At Hydrocare, we offer a wide range of pool covers for all types of pool. Speak to our team today about your swimming pool needs.

The importance of having a swimming pool cover

Keeping a swimming pool in a good state can sound like a nightmare. But if you do things properly, you’ll realise that it’s not that bad. Basically, you’ve got to play the long game. If you want your pool to be clean and healthy in the hot months, you’ll have to take good care of it during the cold winter months.

By doing something as simple as installing a swimming pool cover, you’ll significantly lengthen the working life of your pool. Why? In a nutshell, a pool cover will reduce the need for water chemicals, block UV rays and stop debris from falling into your pool.

Basically, outdoor swimming pool covers will help you keep your pool clean and healthy when you’re not using it. It’ll also save you time and money, because it deters harmful microorganisms from nesting in your pool, you won’t have to re-fill it with fresh water very often. 

But how do you choose the right kind of cover for your pool? Let’s answer that question by looking at the different types of pool covers.

What are the different kinds of swimming pool covers?

The verdict is in – if you want your pool to be clean and last for a long time, you need to install a pool cover. But will any swimming pool cover do the trick? Not really. Let’s dig deeper into the different types of pool covers – and find out why you really need to hit the nail on the head when you’re buying a swimming pool cover.

1. Solar cover

Solar pool cover

Also known as bubble cover, a solar cover is a bubble wrap sheet that grants a basic level of pool covering. In short, a solar cover will keep the heat in and stop debris from falling into your pool. This makes them a good cost-effective alternative for the summer months.

But be careful. Because bubble covers are too slim to support the weight of a child or a dog, they can be dangerous for homes with adventurous family members.

2. Winter debris cover

Winter debris covers are made from woven polyethylene UV – an extremely stable material. This makes them a lot sturdier and safer than other kinds of covers. Because of their weight, fitting them is a more complex process than throwing a solar cover over your pool. 

But why is this kind of swimming pool cover made specifically for the winter months? Two words – water filtering. Winter covers protect every single centimetre of your pool surface while still allowing some water to pass through. This is extremely important, as it stops water and ice from building up on top of the pool cover. 

3. Slatted covers

Swimming pool cover

This is by far the safest pool cover on the market. Made from interlocking slats, slatted covers are typically automatic pool covers that allow you to cover your entire pool at the push of a button – all thanks to their pool cover reel. Once your slatted cover is locked in place, it won’t move a millimetre until you press the button again. Most importantly, slatted covers work for all kinds of swimming pools – including indoor pools.

4. Safety covers

Made of PVC vinyl, safety covers are specially designed to withstand the weight of an adult. Apart from protecting your family, a safety cover will also stop any debris from falling into your pool. Unlike other types of covers, safety covers completely block out sunlight – meaning your water will be a lot colder. 

Things to consider when choosing a pool cover

Now that we’ve gone through all the different kinds of pool covers, it’s time to answer the questions on everyone’s mind. Here are the things you need to consider to choose the right pool cover for your home…

Indoor or outdoor?

Indoor pools have different maintenance requirements than outdoor pools. So, it follows that an indoor pool will require a different swimming pool cover than an outdoor one. Because you’ll likely be using your indoor pool 12 months a year, you want to go with a swimming pool cover that is great at retaining heat.

If you have an outdoor swimming pool, your priorities should be different. Your chosen swimming pool cover should first and foremost stop debris from falling into it. This will reduce the chances of harmful microorganisms living in your pool.


If your swimming pool has a rectangular shape, you’ve got nothing to worry about – you can easily install any kind of pool cover. However, things are slightly different with round and/or asymmetrical pools. To start with, slatted covers with a pool cover reel are more challenging, as they usually come to fit rectangular shapes.

So, if your pool has a unique shape, you’ll want a swimming pool cover with a reel on castors and enough paving/decking to span the widest point of the pool. Kidney shaped pools are the most challenging, but solutions can usually be found for wedge shapes for example.


Last but not least, think about the use you’ll be giving your swimming pool before purchasing a pool cover. Are you an avid swimmer who enjoys exercising every day? If so, you’ll want a swimming pool cover that you can put on and off hassle-free – such as a slatted cover with a pool cover reel.

But if you’re no Michael Phelps, you might not need to spend money on a slatted pool cover or full safety cover. In that case, a manual safety or a solar cover should suffice. 

Start extending your swimming pool’s lifespan today

Looking for a swimming pool cover that will protect your pool during the cold winter months? At Hydrocare, we’ve got just the thing. As leading swimming pool experts, we stock a wide range of pool covers of all kinds. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got the right pool cover for you – from winter debris covers to slatted covers.

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