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The Top 5 Trends in Swimming Pool Design for 2023

Swimming pool and water features with red lighting

Swimming pools have become an increasingly popular addition to homes and provide a symbol of luxury and relaxation. As the interest in transforming homes and gardens continues to evolve, so do the trends in pool design and features.

From environmentally friendly options to innovative technology, pool owners are looking for new ways to create a unique and stylish oasis in their outdoor space. Here, we explore the top five swimming pool trends that are shaping the future of swimming pool design.

Top 5 swimming pool trends

1. Eco-friendly swimming pool designs

As sustainability and environmental concerns grow, eco-friendly swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular. These pools use energy-efficient heating systems such as heat pumps and are even built out of recycled materials. Our HeatForm swimming pools are made from insulated panels which are 100% recycled materials. The extra insulation also helps to retain heat, making them even more environmentally friendly.

Another way to make your pool more eco friendly is by using a saltwater system rather than chlorine and other chemicals to treat your pool.

2. Natural designs

Inspired by nature, naturalistic outdoor pool designs are another popular trend for both new and existing swimming pools. These pools often feature organic shapes, lots of plants, stone or rock elements, and water features such as waterfalls and fountains that mimic natural environments.

The goal is to create a serene and tranquil oasis that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, providing a peaceful escape for pool owners.

3. Hydrotherapy pools

Hydrotherapy swimming pools, also known as therapeutic pools, are specially designed outdoor and indoor swimming pools that incorporate warm water, targeted jets, and sometimes built-in seating areas to provide a unique and soothing experience. These heated pools offer a range of physical and mental health benefits, making them an attractive option for those seeking to improve their overall well-being.

The warm water in a hydrotherapy pool helps to soothe muscles, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation, while the targeted jets provide a gentle massage that can relieve pain and tension.

hydrotherapy pool

The buoyancy of the water also reduces the impact on joints and muscles, making it an ideal environment for rehabilitation and low-impact exercise.

In addition to these physical benefits, hydrotherapy pools can have a positive impact on mental health, as the calming atmosphere and relaxation-inducing features can help to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and tranquillity.

4. Smart pools

Technology is transforming the way we enjoy our swimming pools, and smart pools are at the forefront of this change. With advanced automation systems, pool owners can control everything from temperature, lighting, and filtration to water features and music, all from their smartphone or tablet, creating a luxury swimming pool environment.

Additionally, smart pools can include built-in safety features such as automatic pool covers and alarms to prevent accidents and provide peace of mind.

One of the key benefits of smart pools is the ability to optimise energy consumption, as owners can schedule heating and filtration cycles during off-peak hours to reduce energy costs.

5. Built-in spas

Built-in spas for swimming pools are a luxurious feature that combines the benefits of both swimming pools and hot tubs into a single cohesive design. These integrated spas typically consist of a separate, elevated area within the pool itself, equipped with comfortable seating, hydrotherapy jets, and often customisable lighting.

The primary benefit of a built-in spa is the convenience it offers, as pool owners can easily transition from swimming or exercising in the main pool to relaxing and unwinding in the spa area.

The hydrotherapy jets provide a soothing massage experience, which can help to alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote overall relaxation.

Additionally, built-in spas can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a swimming pool, creating a visually striking and inviting space for both relaxation and entertainment. You can even add an infinity pool element to really add a unique element to your pool.


What type of pool is most popular?

The rectangular swimming pool has always been one of the most popular designs for swimming pools as you maximise your pool area, which makes it easier to swim laps. However, in recent times people are opting for curved pools to add extra interest to their outdoor space.

Outdoor swimming pools are typically the most sought-after, as they’re easier to install and allow you to really enjoy the great outdoors. An indoor swimming pool involves already having a building or pool house in place, or constructing a brand new one. This means the build can be more complicated and take longer.

How can I make my pool more interesting?

There are a wide range of ways to improve the way your swimming pool looks. Adding plants, water features, and pool decking will make the area around the pool more aesthetically pleasing.

Inside the pool itself, you can add lighting, different lining, and tiles or patterns that can add a totally unique and interesting aesthetic.

Essentially, you can completely customise the way your pool looks and at Hydrocare we have a wide range of options for you to choose from.

What is the most popular swimming pool colour?

Blue swimming pools are the most popular colour, however, you can choose different coloured liners to give your pool a different look and feel. Lighting can also make your pool appear a different colour.

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