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How To Make Your Swimming Pool Or Hot Tub More Energy Efficient

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With energy costs and other general living costs rising, you may be looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and make your home more energy efficient. If you own a swimming pool or hot tub, there are a wide range of ways that you can save energy usage and lower monthly operating costs.

Take a look at our top tips for making swimming pools and hot tubs more energy efficient and get in touch if you’d like help with your pool or spa in the Sussex or Surrey area.

Swimming pool energy saving tips

Energy efficient pumps

Choosing an energy-efficient swimming pool pump will offer massive savings. You can expect to use around 30-45% less energy. If you are looking to really improve the energy efficiency of your pool, a variable speed and a heat pump is your answer.

Ground source and air source heat pumps are renewable energy sources that extract heat from the ground or air respectively. These systems require low energy inputs and produce a far higher energy output than traditional pumps. They also produce no CO2 emissions and the energy efficiency gain can be 300-500%.

Whilst these types of pumps tend to have a higher initial cost, the savings you can expect to make far outweigh the upfront costs.

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Swimming pool covers

It’s estimated that an effective pool cover can save between 50% and 70% of your heating costs. If you don’t have a cover on your pool or have an old cover that is no longer doing the job, then look at upgrading to a solar pool cover.

Solar pool covers can be used for both indoor pools and outdoor pools, massively reducing the heat loss from your pool.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Regular cleaning and pool maintenance will help ensure your swimming pool is working as efficiently as possible at all times. It will help avoid blockages, water wastage and help keep the pool at an optimum temperature.

This will also reduce your chances of having to make any emergency repair call-outs which can be costly.

Close your pool properly for the winter

Winterising or closing your pool for the winter is an important part of pool ownership. It can prevent costly repairs, freezing, algae growth and high costs. If you don’t close down your pool for the winter properly, you can end up paying for running costs that you don’t need and causing damage to your pool which means costly repairs. Winter maintenance is also important.

At Hydrocare we provide a winter pool servicing package that will ensure your pool is running optimally and closed properly for the winter months. Find out more about our winter pool servicing package and what it includes. Little or no winter care will lead to far higher spring opening costs without exception. No winter care is a truly false economy but one of the most common mistakes of a swimming pool owner. 

Modernise old equipment

If your pool is running old pool equipment then this may not be as energy efficient as newer models. You can upgrade equipment such as:

  • Pool heater
  • Filter
  • Pump
  • Pool cover

New equipment, such as an energy-efficient heater, can help you to save money and reduce energy waste. There are lots of options for replacing and upgrading equipment, so speak to our team today about your options.

Hot tub energy saving tips

Turn the temperature down

The higher the temperature, the higher your hot tub running costs. If you can drop the water temperature of your hot tub by just a few degrees, you can really improve the energy consumption and operating costs of your hot tub.

It’s estimated you can save around 10% of your energy costs for your hot tub per 1 degree you lower the temperature.

Review your settings

Most hot tubs and spas have eco settings or an economy mode that use less energy. These energy efficient features can make a huge difference to the overall costs of your hot tub. There are more energy efficient hot tubs available on the market than older models, it may be time to consider an upgrade if yours is costing too much per month.

Run your hot tub at a lower temperature during the week and simply turn the temperature up a few hours before you want to use it. This will save in our experience as much as £100 per month!

Replace your hot tub cover

Is your hot tub cover a bit old and worn? It might be time to upgrade to cover to ensure it keeps all the heat in and reduces energy wastage. Try choosing a more insulated cover so it really retains the heat of your hot tub.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

As with your swimming pool, regular maintenance on your hot tub or spa will ensure it’s running optimally all year round. Without this, your equipment can end up running less efficiently and you can incur costly repairs.

Make your hot tub or swimming pool eco friendly

If you’re in the Sussex or Surrey area and are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your pool or hot tub, get in touch. We work with customers across the south east to ensure their swimming pools and spas are running optimally all year round.

Our expert team can help you to upgrade old pool equipment, install pool covers and help you save energy. Get in touch today to speak to our team about your requirements.