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How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Liners

Indoor swimming pool

Having a swimming pool in your garden or indoors can make the summers that bit more enjoyable. It will take your exercise regime to the next level too. Once you’ve decided you want a pool, choosing the way it looks is one of the most exciting parts.

Swimming pool liners are critical to the look and lifespan of your pool and there are a wide range of options available. So, how do you choose the right one for your swimming pool design? Read our blog below for our expert tips and advice and get in touch if you’d like to discuss your swimming pool in Sussex or Surrey.

What is a pool liner?

A swimming pool liner has two purposes – it helps make a pool more functional, but also impacts its overall look.

Those made of vinyl and designed for outdoor pools can also be treated with anti-slip properties to reduce risk of injury. Similarly, indoor pool liners can be treated to withstand a higher pool temperature.

Higher quality pool liners will last for longer than cheaper ones, but you can expect the lifespan of a pool liner to be anywhere from seven to fifteen years, depending on maintenance and other factors. Water chemistry and heat management is key in prolonging liner life. 

Pool liners have a clear functional purpose, but they also impact the overall look of your pool. Sometimes swimming pools have a dark aqua appearance, whereas others appear more teal or turquoise in tone. This change is the result of different pool liners.

Swimming pool liners typically come in 30 thou thickness. Traditional liners are made to measure, based on the design, size and shape of your pool. You can also have onsite lining which although more expensive, are more robust and last longer. 

What are the different types of swimming pool liner?

Different types of pool liner are appropriate for different types of pool.

The right kind of pool liner will differ depending on a pool’s shape and wall depth, as well as factors like your colour preference and style.

The most common kinds of swimming pool liner are:

Beaded liner – standard lining

A beaded pool liner comes in a range of design and colour options. This includes a wall and floor pattern, bright colours and more. If you’re looking for a pool liner replacement, these are extremely easy to replace.

These types of liner are made to measure. Our team will measure the exact dimensions of your swimming pool and order your chosen liner to fit the exact shape. This will then be made offsite and delivered to us ready for us to schedule our swimming pool engineers to fit it.

Outdoor swimming pool having pool liner fitted

Onsite lined

Indoor swimming pool

Onsite pool liners are similar to standard lining, except measurements are done by our team, then the liner is cut to shape onsite and heat welded together on-site. This makes it easier to fit it round different shapes, steps and other features and offers a strong, durable finish. On-site material is thicker and reinforced therefore it requires the heat welding process.

These types of liners have a wide range of styles and patterns and can even have 3D elements that enhance your swimming pool experience.

Other things to consider with swimming pool liners


Think about the colour you want your pool liner to be – please note, you don’t need to have a blue liner to have a blue swimming pool. Darker blues make pools appear deeper and can hide dirt and debris better, as well as absorbing sunlight faster and helping to heat water. But darker vinyl’s can experience some colour fading over time as the liner ages.

Lighter pool liners will show less fading and therefore can age better. It is important to remember that you do not need to have a blue liner to have blue water. Think of a tropical beach. The deeper the water, the bluer/more turquoise  the water is. The same rule applies to swimming pool water. See our installation examples for examples and inspiration. 


Do you want a tiled effect look with a border or frieze, or are you content with one solid block of colour for your new liner? Would you prefer a pool liner that mimics the look of natural stone or granite? 

All of these are factors to consider when you’re trying to choose the right swimming pool liner for you.

Pool shape

Rectangular pools are extremely easy to line, but pools with different shapes and levels can take longer and be more costly. This is worth taking into account when designing your dream pool.

When to order replacement swimming pool liners

You’ll likely be able to tell when you need to order replacement pool liners. Liners with faded colours or staining, tears in the corners and stretches or wrinkles are a sign of a liners age and potentially poor maintenance.

The most obvious tells are bad fading and/or leakage. If you think that your pool liner is leaking, contact us so we can advise you.

Whilst you can patch small pool leaks up, you risk the corrosion of your pool’s walls and potential damage to the surrounding ground. It’s therefore best to call in a reputable company to help with pool liner maintenance and repair.

Pool liner that needs replacing
Pool liner that needs replacing

Find your ideal pool liner today

If you’re wondering how to find the best liners for your swimming pool, contact Hydrocare today. As swimming pool design, construction, and installation experts with 20 years’ experience, our team of skilled professionals can advise domestic and commercial clients on everything from swimming pool installation to maintenance and repair.

Call us on 01444236578 or email us at enquiries@hydrocare.co.uk to find out how we can help you plan your perfect pool complete with the right swimming pool liner.