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Regular Servicing And Maintenance

You didn’t get a swimming pool because you enjoy cleaning it, but the reality is that swimming pools need regular service and maintenance to keep them crystal clear and healthy to use.

Why not take all pool servicing and maintenance worry away and simply enjoy relaxing in your pool.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool Hydrocare can provide a regular service as frequently or as infrequently as you wish. Secondly, we do not require any formal contract or agreement because we will work for you and your schedule.

Just contact us and let us know when your service start date, end date and frequency of visits are and we will ensure a pristine pool for your enjoyment.

In summary, our servicing consists of:

  • Cleaning the pool
  • Testing the water to maintain the correct chemical balance
  • Dosing with appropriate chemicals
  • Backwashing the filter
  • Ensuring all equipment is running efficiently

With this in mind, jump in worry-free and choose Hydrocare for excellent service, peace of mind and guarantee on all works performed.

Click here for pool servicing and maintenance tips.

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