Renovation and Upgrading

Modernise your Pool

Swimming pool technology has progressed in recent years and brings pool renovation to a new level. Namely, new pumps, filtration systems, efficient boilers and heat exchangers. Consequently, these can dramatically improve the performance of your pool.

Using modern materials, tiling, pool surfacing and decking we can transform the appearance of an old design into a fresh and vibrant new pool that you just can’t wait to dive in to.

Hydrocare provides the expertise and guidance that can really bring your pool back to life again.

Even if your pool is not so old, we can advise on different upgrade options. For instance, an attractive pool cover, so you can use the pool all year round. Or for example, a cost-saving solution, solar heating to reduce running costs.

If you are looking for a pool tiler to refurbish your pool, or your pool needs repairs or upgrades then we can help. Hydrocare offers generous ‘off-season’ rates (November to March) for swimming pool repairs, refurbishment, renovation and upgrading, so your pool can be ready for the next season, at a very affordable and attractive price. Find out today what we can do for you.


Modernise and Transform your Pool

A pool that is in need of retiling and renovation
The same pool after refurbishment and new pool tiles

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